As the technology leader of their field, Ehrfeld offers you a successful implementation of their innovative high-performance equipment: They have an experienced, highly qualified and motivated team of experts and were able to gain experience in numerous projects around the world. Ehrfelds’ main goal is to provide suitable and scalable solutions leading to the implementation of production scale reactors within the shortest possible period.

Batch to Conti

Ehrfelds’ process development team can give you a first evaluation of whether your process can benefit from their technology or not. In order to know whether your process can be transferred to micro- and millireactors,

Ehrfeld offers feasibility studies.To increase the chance of success of these feasibility studies, a workshop in preparation of the study is recommended. In close coordination with you, the experimental set-up and possible milestones are being defined during the workshop.

The content of the workshop is prepared and fitted to your process and based on the information exchanged prior. Ehrfeld also accompanies the transfer of your batch to a continuous process and supports you in determining your key operating parameters. 

After-Sales support

If transferring a batch to a flow process is causing you unexpected difficulties, you quickly need a spare part or you have questions regarding specific components, you can take advantage of the know-how of Ehrfelds’ experts.