SCHMIZO Reactor system

Simple solution for Lab and R&D

Glass reactor: 0.1 to 20 liter
Pressure: -1 (FV) to ambient
Temperature: –80°C to +200°C (up to +250°C with special materials)

SCHMIZO Reactor systems provide a simple solution for lab and R&D related processes. The compact reactor size has a range from 100 ml to 20 liters. 
These units can include a variety of accessories such as distillation setup, pH and/or redox probes, temperature probes, dry running mechanical seal, and innovative zero dead space bottom discharge valve (easy to clean). Many other accessories are possible upon request. 

The SCHMIZO Reactor system can be offered with vessels with or without heating jackets (Glass vessel with triple wall for low temperature chemistry also possible) as well as versions with or without bottom discharge valves. These units typically have a relatively low lead time. 

Optional vessel examples